Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marriage Registration for Hindus

Marriage Registration for Hindus i) Registration of Hindu Marriages Solemnized and granting of extract of marriages registered.  Marriages solemnized under Hindu customs/ non-customary  Bridegroom/Bride should have completed 21/18 years respectively  Both of them should be Hindus, Buddhist or Sikhs  Proof of marriage  Anyone of the following place should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering officer: o Residence of bride. o Residence of bridegroom. o Solemnization place. Proof for all these shall be given 1 . MARRIAGE Wedding Invitation (or) Temple Marriage Receipts (or) Any proof of marriage solemnization 2. RESIDENCE Addhar Card (or) Voters ID Card (or) Ration Card (or) Driving License (or) Passport or Visa 3. AGE Birth Certificate (or) School/College Certificate (or) For Further information: Daniel & Daniel No.2132, Vasantham Colony, Annanagar-West, Chennai-600040. Ph:- 9884883318.

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